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2016 Wasn’t All Bad for Turkey, was it?

2016 isn’t going to go down in history as one of the best years in Turkish history but that doesn’t mean it was all bad. While many countries all around the world suffered a lot of misfortune in 2016 plenty of good things did happen as well. So let’s take a look back and remember some of the positive things that happened this year.

Russia Lifted It’s Ban
Turkey is a favourite destination for many Russians but after the Russian jet crisis in November 2015 the Russian president Vladimir Putin placed bans on Russian tour firms selling holidays in Turkey. The move was a big blow to the Turkish tourism industry but thankfully the ban was lifted after phone talks between Russian President Putin and Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Turkish Exports Rise For The First Time In 14 Months
While the tourism industry and the economy as a whole certainly took some blows in 2016 it was also the year in which a long 14 month drought finally came to an end. Exports increased in February 2016 when compared with February 2015 and although the rise was only by 3.1% it showed that Turkey can still thrive even in hard times.

Plenty of People Still Came To Turkey
Despite all the issues and attacks Turkey suffered in 2016 plenty of people still came to visit the country. Thomas Cook chief executive Peter Fankhauser even highlighted Turkey’s resilience and popularity despite its hardships in an interview with the BBC saying that: “1.8m customers still want to go to Turkey

Groupama Sigorta New Two-Year Insurance Policy Has Arrived!
Yes it was hinted at in the past but it finally arrived in 2016 the new policy from Groupama Sigorta was designed to match the new Turkish residence permit regulations so applicants can now get a 2 year insurance policy to match the short-term residence permit.

Turkey Legalizes Cannabis Production
Cannabis production has been a hot issue in many places around the world but Turkey made some big steps forward by legalising the growing of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. 19 provinces outside the previously designated fields are now allowed to produce cannabis if they meet the criteria set out by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

House Prices increased
In a move that I doubt many people predicted Turkey beat New Zealand to be named the country ranked first in the in the global estate price increase report. The report which was published by the UK global real estate company Knight Frank once ever quarter officially revealed Turkey to be the country with the highest housing price increase. It’s great news because it shows there’s a strong and growing demand for property in Turkey.

Source: 22nd January 2017- Yell Ali