A day in the life....

A story of one expats typical Saturday in Dalyan

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Gunaydin Dalyan!

Oh what a morning – blue skies, not a cloud in the sky and the sun is rising – the world is just waking, even if the cockerels have been up for a few hours!

Today is Saturday, Market Day! Its time to replenish the fruit and veg supplies, so I’m up a bit earlier than normal to make the most of the day.

Wow its buzzing! Lots of people up early with the same idea. Okay… pancake order in for breakfast, one peynirli (with cheese) and one patatasli (with potato), I love our Saturday breakfast tradition. I must just grab some tomatoes, onions, olives and salty white cheese to go with that….

…Oooh these cherries are really lush! I love that everything is so tasty and fresh, the tomatoes really do taste like tomatoes and as for the strawberries, they may be seasonal but they are worth the wait! And its great you can pretty much get everything you need from fruit & veg and pancakes to cheese, honey,  herbs & spices and scrummy turkish delight!  And from household hardware & linens to those adorable baggy womens trousers (so practical), pashminas and the lovely traditional turkish lanterns!

Back home! Çay on, it will be ready in 15mins, lets lay the breakfast table…

Right back into town, I bumped into Fatos & Fatma in the market earlier on, we have arranged to meet for Turkish Kahvesi (Turkish coffee) in the Çay Baçhesi – Tea Garden. I do so love it there, the perfect place to watch the world go by especially on a Saturday when it seems the whole community is out & about! And as for that Turkish coffee, served Ottoman style with Turkish Delight on the side. I feel like I’m just waiting for my Sultan to appear…sorry hubby!

Well that was a lovely natter, there were moments of lost in translation but we got there in the end with a giggle or two thrown in! And I have a Hamam date for next week. Lovely! There’s nothing like a Turkish bath – sauna, soap up, scrub down and finally a refreshing rinse off. Might just treat myself and indulge in a massage or try one of the olive oil face masks while I’m there….

Time to head home & do some gardening (picked up a beautiful blue & pink Hydrangea in the market) and I need to find the best place for it, a little bit of morning shade and afternoon sun is what it likes. And I might just grab a little bit of that afternoon sunshine for myself!

Ah that was bliss! Couldn’t help dropping off for a bit but now I really must walk ‘Elma’, my little furry friend I rescued from the street. She turned up at my door, the cutest and most bedraggled little puppy I’d ever seen. I started to feed her and that was it she hasn’t left my side since and to be honest how could I turn her away! The street cats and dogs are part of Dalyan life, its impossible not to become involved & look after them. Well at least one of them and of course the three street cats that happen to have taken up residence…

Okay I’m back, that was a lovely walk down by the river, lovely and shaded from the sun. I must try one of the riverside cafes one lunch time,  it must be perfect there with a lovely breeze coming in off the river.

Oh my word its 5pm..where has the day gone?! Ever since I moved here there really hasn’t been enough time in the day. Right I must get ready,  I’ve got friends over here on holiday and I’m playing hostess with the mostess tonight. The plan is to show them just a bit of the best of what Dalyan has to offer at night. It’s their first time here (thanks to moi spreading the word I might just add) and so far they are loving it and can’t believe they haven’t considered coming to Turkey before. I’ve decided to start the night up at Sunset Terrace and take it from there….

Wow what a night! Dinner was traditionally Turkish and delicious with stunning views! The evening continued in town at a Turkish night with live music and lots of dancing. The Belly Dancer was amazing, we gave it a go but those stomach muscles! We then wandered further into town for just a few drinks at just a few bars, to help us recover from all that dancing. Our very own pub crawl Dalyan style! We even joined the locals in smoking the traditonal Turkish water pipe, now that was a bit of a head rush! After a little bit of karaoke and a few more drinks the night traditionally ended drinking Tavuk Corba – chicken soup at one of the local soup kitchens or ‘Lokanta’ as they are called….The perfect end to a perfect day!

Well I made it home! And I’d just like to say that was one of the best nights so far, definitely one to remember but in the morning as my warm and toasty bed, thanks to our soba, beckons.  Sweet dreams all! I don’t think I’ll be stirring early for the Imam or those chickens!

….hmmm I wonder what tomorrow will bring….