A Taster of The Work We Have Done So far!

Renovation history

For an example of the type of  repair & renovation work we can do and to get an idea of the attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship involved when the King Emlak Repairs & Renovations team take on a job take a look below:

Bathroom Renovation 2013:

Making clever use of the space available this renovation redesigned the layout of the room changing the look completely!

  • A medium high seperation wall was fitted creating a larger open plan wet room style shower with a power shower system.
  • A dedicated sink area was created complete with a made to measure MDF fitted draw unit.
  • A wall mounted toilet with hidden cistern was installed, with pipe works for the bidet valve,  to create more space.
  • New piping was laid with new larger sized tiling  tiled on top. A smaller mosiac tile was used as a back splash for the new shower and as a border.
  • The shower area floor was slightly recessed and laid with new floor tiles and new look chrome drains.
  • The old accessories, mirror and lighting were reused and fitted in new more ergonomic positions. A bumper was fitted on the bathroom door to prevent the wall tiles being damaged by the door handle. Start to finish this renovation took 8 days to complete.

Fitted Wardrobes 2010/11:

Designed and fitted by our team for our Amber Villas construction project.  These made to measure MDF units were designed to fit perfectly in the space created for them. Design features include: frosted glass inserts,  soft close rails, and inside door mirror & lockable sections. From design to installation this project took 3 weeks to complete.

Internal Doors 2012:

The owners of this property decided to replace the old wooden doors & frames with a new made to measure American pressed wood style. There was a large selection of models to choose from with 9 different colour finishes. New handles and lockes were also chosen & fitted and frosted glass panels were fitted in the bathroom door. Finally the walls surrounding the doors were repaired and repainted. The entire job took 3 weeks to complete.

Wooden Jetty September 2012:

This wooden jetty was designed and built to provide an outdoor seating area for the owners on the banks of the stream located on their property. It has a metal & wood base construction allowing for the platform to be sufficiently supported. And overlaid with a wooden platfrom which serves as the seating area. Impregnated wood was used to help prevent warping and deterioration naturally caused during wet weather conditions in the winter months. The building of this jetty took 2.5 weeks from start to finish.

Arfans House:

The owners wanted a depot / storage area which was insulated and waterproofed. We were able to build this in the same style as the main house using the same ceramic tiling throughout but as a detached building. The walls were also repainted &  replastered.

Dalyan court No.5 & No.6:


The renovation for apartment No.5 included the garden being relaid and retiled with the original planting being kept as part of the relandscaping. The old wooden balcony supports and rails were replaced with iron work of the owners choosing (?). The kitchen & bathroom were cleaned, repainted and refreshed with new tiles and cupboards. All the internal American Press doors were modernised. And all the windows and external doors were replaced with grey pvc and mosquito screens were installed. A new stairwell hand rail was also designed and fitted (??) In apartment NO.6 All external doors and windows were replaced with new PVC models and mosquito screens were installed.

& After

Fire Opal Aparts:

In apartment A1 all the external & internal paintwork was refreshed. Additional security locks on the doors and windows were also installed. For apartment B1 the renovations included internal and external paintwork refresh, installation of an alarm system, windows & doors resealed with silicon. In the bathroom new curtains were fitted and a bespoke storage unit was designed, made and installed making the most of the space available (???)



Andrea Apart:

This property was originally in a bed sit style with a lounge, bedroom & kitchen area with seperate bathroom. It was transformed into a two bedroom apartment with open plan kitchen and lounge area. The original living area became (?) the two new bedrooms. As part of the renovation the whole apartment was replastered and repainted. The electric circuit & fuses were checked, replaced and rewired. All the doors & windows were sealed with silicon and fitted with mosquito screens. Two new air conditioning units were installed with the external components fitted descreetly (?) the side of the balcony.

Moonstone – Our Build:

The ground floor kitchen / toilet area of this property was remodelled. The kitchen area was enlarged to include the pre exisiting toilet space. It was fitted with new cupboards and a work top.  A seperate bathroom extension was built to the rear of the property. The ensuite bedroom layout was remodelled changing the location of the ensuite to the rear of the room and not near the doorway (??). The original tiles were sourced and used to maintain the look and style of the property prior to the renovation.

Villa Su:


Villa Su was originally a 2 bedroom property but as part of the renovation was converted to three bedrooms using the spare hall space situated on the first floor between the two original bedrooms. Overall the property was repainted and the decor modernised making the property seem lighter, brighter and subsequently larger (??) Internally the ground floor to first floor stairs were repainted a biege colour. With the remaining paint & wood work redone in a lighter white colour.   The kitchen was retiled in a modern style with new bespoke cupboards designed and fitted to make the most of the space available. New white goods were also installed. Externally the whole  property was repainted a lighter white colour, including the woodwork on the conservatory. New railings were added onto the garden wall providing better privacy and security. The entrance way previously overrun with vegetation was cleared away, repaired and repainted. The depot/garage area was also tidied and repainted. The external windows were updated with decorative window trims improving/ adding more the character of the property.

& After

Villa Tilki:

The original Kayrack stone  pool surround and foundation had cracked and subsided as the result of an earthquake, both were dug up and removed. A new concrete  foundation was laid over a steel bar mesh network providing extra strength and flexibility.  The swimming pool over flow channel was  completely replaced as cracks had developed and there was leaking, the pool marble edging was also relaid. The finishing touch was a new kayrack stone pool surround.

Renovation & Repair photo gallery:



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