The Dream

Buyers Guide- Step 1

So you have been on holiday to Turkey and you have, not surprisingly, fallen in love with Dalyan. You have become one of that many who plan and return year after year as the village and area has captured your heart.

Now you are dreaming of having your own place in the sun and are starting to look around at the market. There is always a good choice of properties available as Turks love to buy and sell houses and land and the area is always developing at the same time as it stays the same.

İt is all very exciting as you browse through the website seeing lots of beautiful villas and apartments that could be yours however there are always more questions than anwsers so we have the following to help guide your thoughts….

1) Roughly, how much do you want to spend? Property in Dalyan is cheaper than many european countries but you still need a rough budget to stick to.

2) what type of property do you want? There are 3 main types – apartment, Complex villa or Private. Each have their own pluses and minuses, only you can choose what best fits you and your needs


3)Do i want it just for me or to rent it out? – all properties can be rented out but private villas rent the best. So if its an investment you are thinking of – a private villa will often give you the best return (specific figures can be given for specific properties). Also if you are going to rent out the you have to consider what prospective renters look for- distance from town, pool, bbq, wifi and air con in every room

4)When will i use it? – Are you thinking of all year round living or just summer use? – if you are thinking of year round living then there are very different features that you will be looking for in a house or apartment- central heating, more storage space, maybe a bigger kitchen?

5)How big does it need to be? – is it just you or will the family be joining you? How many of the family do you want to come at the same time?? As the saying goes ‘’you never know how many friends you have till you own a property in Dalyan’’

6)Do i like to be surrounded or out on my own? Each area of Dalyan has a slightly different feel and distance to town. They also have different price ranges. Do you want to have holiday makers as neighbours or do you want to be in a very turkish area?? We can advise on what areas are where and show you a range of properties in each area to see how you feel about them.

There are a million more questions that you will need to answer as your journey progresses, but these will give you a starting point.