Things to do in Dalyan in the Winter!

Dalyan Ideas – Winter

With the blue skies and sun still shining there is plenty to get up to during those cooler winter months. In fact its the perfect time to jump in a car, on your bike or just strap on your walking boots and go off exploring further afield!  So without further ado here are  just a few of the things you can do to keep you busy in those winter months.

  1. Winter walks & Bird spotting – the natural surroundings of Dalyan make it ideal for walking and the perfect opportunity to discover the variety of fauna & flora that is unique to Turkey. Attempt the famous Lycian Way, from Fethiye to Antalya,  it is rated one of the top ten walks in the world.  Or keep it local; walk the beach,  wander over to Caunos & then onto Ekincik or stroll down the river walk-there is now a ferry boat that will take you across the river to near the Sultan Palas hotel or the ferry boat at the other end of town that will take you to Candir. With Dalyan being on an important bird migration route and with well over 100 different species of bird including king fishers , white tailed eagles and the occasional flamingo there is also plenty for the avid bird watcher to discover.
  2. Mountain bike rides-cycle to Iztuzu, past Sulungur lake and on up past Gokbel Village. Stop of at one of the little Gozleme (Pancake) houses on the side of the road to replenish your energy reserves and enjoy the stunning views of the beach and the Dalyan Delta. Enjoy the invigorating descent down onto Iztuzu beach, for a ride thats more challenging turn left and headup to the radar tower for the ultimate views or go further onto sunset terrace and the next bay along the coast from Iztuzu. Or explore the Liquid Amber Forests of Dalyan, these are just three of the many cycle rides you can try in and around Dalyan.
  3. BBQ’s by the lake with a glass of Aslan Sut (Raki!)- become part of the dalyan community, grab that BBQ, some kofte & chicken wings fresh from the ‘Kasap’ (butcher) and that essential bottle of raki, call your friends and head off to Sulunger lake to enjoy good times and some stunning sunsets!
  4. Weekend Turkish Breakfast – visit Ekin Dıpdag restaurant on Sulungar  Lake or the Gölbaşı Restaurant both on the iztuzu road for a traditional turkish breakfast accompanied with amazing views of the lake & delta with lots of wild life to spot including fish, turtles and the occasional flock of wild ducks.
  5. Day trips to Marmaris or Fethiye- fancy a change of scene then head off to down the coast to these busy towns-walk along the harbours stopping of at one the many cafes for a turkish coffee and a spot of people watching. Enjoy a bit of shopping and lunch or stay over night in one of the hotels then treat yourselves to a night out on the town! Fethiye has the big market on Tuesdays and the fish market is a must do! Located in the centre it is open everyday all day…choose the fish you want and the restaurant you like the look of and then its just a case of sitting back and enjoying the company of good friends and that market square buzz!
  6. Horse Riding- riding the local mountain horses on a hack that encompasses the nature of the surrounding turkish countryside will be an experience you never forget. Visit the local horse riding school (45 mins away) to brush up on those skills or go on an organised week long trek exploring the beautiful mediterranean coastline.
  7. Fishing-with plentyful stocks of Bass, Mullet or Sea Bream you can enjoy either some riverside fishing local style from one of the many jetties or go off to the beach and try casting off from the shore.
  8.  The ruins of the Ancient City of Ephesus -one of the most visited historical sites in the world it is the perfect place to explore and experience  the rich history and culture of Turkey. Founded between 1500 – 1000 bc the cosmopolitan city is an intriguing mix of greek and roman , christian & pagan and is considered one of the best reconstructed cities of the ancient world, with the Artemis Temple considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and the many breathtaking monuments.
  9. Join a gym-with a variety of gyms open in Ortaca – a 15 minute drive away by car or ‘Dolmus’ and a couple of local hotel gyms open for use to non residents in the winter season there really is no excuse not to keep fit. If gyms arent your thing then take up jogging in and around Dalyan and get in training for the Dalyan Carretta Run held in October, visit the local sports garden (every turkish town has one) and gym it outdoors turkish style! Or enrol in the Pilates and yoga classes that are available throughout the year.
  10. Pub quizes-do you consider yourself a brainiac or do you simply want to join in the fun at your local then the weekly Pub quizz might be for you. Form your own team , join another team or even host a quizz, its the perfect way to get involved with & to get to know the local expat community. And if not the pub quizz then you can join the local Bridge and Cribbage club.
  11. Geo caching -The perfect way to explore Dalyan and the surrounding countryside with the excitment of a treasure hunt thrown! Grab your GPS and go hunting!
  12. Learn Turkish & Learn to cook turkish-truly embrace the turkish culture by learning to speak and eat turkish! Gather together a group of like minded friends both turkish and european and get cooking & nattering , it really is the best way to learn!
  13. The Christmas Fair  – Köyçegiz & Fethiye. Get in the mood for christmas and join the local turkish and ex pat community for a fun day out! Are you a bit arts n crafty or a dab hand at making yummy chutneys & jams? If you are get really involved and have your own stall!
  14.  Love your new home?  then help look after it. Get Volunteering! Become one of the volunteers that helps protect Dalyans Natural, historical and cultural Heritage. Check out The Dalyanli website for more information. Or Join June Haimoff better known as ‘Captan June’ in her crusade to help save the Caretta Caretta at the Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation check out her website too.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and can be done all year round.  The fact is you will always find new things to do in and around Dalyan, you might even start up another interest group on your own with other like minded people. However if  just read the above has boggled your mind then remember you came to Dalyan to enjoy a change of lifestyle and to embrace a new  relaxing way of Life. So…step out onto your balcony with a mug of coffee, a glass of Turkish Çay or that slightly stronger tipple, breath in the gloriously fresh air & the warm sunshine, take in that amazing view….& relax…your home!

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