Top 10 Things (& More) to do in Dalyan in the Summer

Dalyan Ideas – Summer

Beginning to get a bit restless lazing around on your sunbed all day topping up that tan? Are you starting to think that you really do need to go off and explore this new home of yours?  Then read on for just a few ideas for some summer fun in and around Dalyan!

  1. Visit the amazing ancient city of Caunos -originally by the sea and dating back to the 2nd centuary BC. There is lots to explore including the Ampitheatre, Roman baths, Temple of Apollo and the Market Place.  To get there take the rowing boat across the river from Dalyan and walk past the famous Lycian Rock Tombs – of the Kings of Caunos- which date back to the 4th centuary Bc.
  2. The Mud Baths & Hot springs – immerse yourself  in the mineral rich mud of the baths then lay in the sun to dry off as ur body reeps the benfits of the rejuvenating effects of the mud. Albeit a tad smelly it is claimed to be good for your skin, stomach problems, sciatica, rheumatism and over all health, you really could feel years younger!  Take a dip in the hot natural water springs – Visit the Sultaniye Thermal Springs and swim in the sulphur enriched naturally hot water. Dating back to the times when Caunos was inhabited it is 4km from Dalyan and is accessible by boat or car via köyceğiz.
  3. Iztuzu Beach – aka Turtle Beach – has had a protected status since 1988 and is 4.5km of sandy beach forming a natural barrier between the Mediterranean and the fresh water delta of the Dalyan river .Visit the beach by boat or dolmus or mountain bike – a challenging but picturesque ride. Take the taxi boat up, walk the length of the beach, stopping off in the middle to enjoy the beauty of it all, then carry on to the other end. Grab a sunbed and top up your tan or sit in the cafe (one at either end) and enjoy an ice cream or a bottle of that nice cold Efes. Then jump on a Dolmus to get home.
  4. Visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre at Iztuzu Beach – or go Caretta Caretta watching early in the morning.Witness the Caretta Turtles lay their eggs (May to September) or see the Nile fresh water turtles further upriver. The Köyçeğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area is one of the last nesting places of the endangered Loggerhead turtle.
  5. Take the Monday taxi boat to Koycegiz – browse the colourful market, have lunch  in one of the many cafes or restaurants lakeside and stop off at the Sultaniye Thermal Hot Springs on the way back. Alternatively use the taxi boat to get to the beach – a 45 minute trip sailing up the delta, past bulrushes and pampas grasses, home to over 100 species of birds and 3 varieties of turtles.
  6. Tekne Tur – choose from a variety of other boats trips or ‘tekne tur’ with group or private tours available. Visit Hole Island, Ekincik and the other stunning bays along this stretch of coastline. Enjoy the swimming & snorkelling experiences that the clear blue waters of the mediterranean offer you. For something a little bit different go on a Moonlight boat trip, setting off at sunset the evening includes a BBQ on the boat and a dip in the silky smooth mineral rich waters of the lake.
  7. Scuba diving- A fun day out for divers of all abilities exploring the waters along the local coastline. Visit the beautiful clear watered bays near Ekincik with caves, ruins and wrecks there is plenty of underwater life to keep you submerged for hours! It really is an underwater divers  paradise with Istanbul Kurt Wreck, The Pinnacle, Hole Island – near the mouth of the Dalyan river, Bozburun Wall & Stingray Bay to explore.
  8. White Water Rafting – Love adventure and are bit of an adrenalin junky? then river rafting on the Dalaman River is the experience for you!  Starting with a safari through the quaint Turkish villages in the mountains surrounding Dalyan and ending with grade 3 rapids rafting, you get to experience a little bit of turkish culture & hospitality with magnificient mountain views, river swimming and raft & rock jumping added in along the way.
  9. Jeep safari- explore the surrounding countryside of Dalyan, drive through the traditional turkish villages in the area, taking in the rich fertile land growing pomegranates, oranges & lemons. Stop off in the Amber forest, then head off into the mountains to discover Yuvarlak Çay. Enjoy a lamb tandir or fresh trout lunch washed down with the required glass of raki whilsts sitting over the icy cold waters rushing down from the local mountains. If your very brave try the swing and launch yourself of into those chilly depths or simply slurp your raki whilst watching others brave the icy waters for you! After lunch your back on the road, stopping off for cay with one of the local turkish familys,  a quick dip in the sea and  finally ending the day on top of the world overlooking the magnificient Dalyan delta,  from the radar tower on Gökbel Tepe.
  10. Gocek 12 island cruise- sets off from Gocek marina – a 25 minute drive from Dalyan (transfer included). Jump on a double decker tour boat or opt for the gullet style sailing boat and prepare to while away the day sailing and stopping off at various bays and coves including Donkey Island and Cleopatra’s pool to swim in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the mediterranean sea. A BBQ lunch is provided on board. If your feeling energetic then there is a variety of water sports available to you including banana boats, inflatable rings, para sailing, you will even be visited by the ice cream boat & the pancake lady!
  11. Saklikent Gorge & Tlos Ancient city – a 15km canyon, one of the longest in the world.  Trek through the invigorately cold water in this beautiful & mysterious canyon first discovered by a local shephard boy. Have lunch at one of the restaurants then go on to visit Tlos one of the most important and atmospheric cities in the Lycian Federation. A Lycian and Roman ruin, with roman ampitheatre & baths, sarcophaguses and the commoners burial place on the cliff face, there is lots to explore.
  12. KayaKoy – visit the village made famous by Louis de Berniere’s book ‘Birds Without Wings’. Founded in the 13th centuary and once a thriving Greek & Turkish village near Fethiye, it now stands deserted following the Greek  inhabitants deportation  back to Greece as part of a population exchange at the end of the Turkish war of independence.
  13. Turkish Hamam – For a truly turkish experience and the best way to kick start that perfect tan visit a Turkish Bath. The experience will begin with a sauna where you will relax, loosen up & sweat! You will then be taken to the main chamber and asked to lay on the central raised platform. The masseur then lathers you up using airspun soapy suds and vigorously rubs you down- part massage, part exfoliation. You are then rinsed off with extremely cold water. Again invigorating! After being wrapped up snug in bath and head towels and deposited in a lounge area you will be offered a çay of your choosing: Turkish, Kusburnu (rosehip) or Bitki (Herbal). Further massages and beauty treatments including face masks are available or you can simply sit and enjoy the relaxing effects of the experience.
  14. Sea fishing – arranged with the local fishermen and boat owners you can choose between a day out at sea including deep sea sports fishing, underwater spear fishing or rod fishing from the back of the boat. Or fresh water sports fishing for carp & cat fish . But be careful there are some very impressively sized specimens out there that just might fish you!
  15. Sea Kayaking-is the perfect way to explore along the coastline of Dalyan getting  back to nature and becoming one with the elements. Suitable for all abilities-single and double kayaks are available. An energetic day but also relaxing especially if you let the boss paddle while you just sit back and enjoy the views!
  16. Rock climbing – accessed 5km down the Iztuzu beach road there are 3 rock climbing regions Angel, Temple and Zion with a total of 22 routes to explore!

Like what you have read so far? then what are you waiting for?!? Go Grab your beach bag and head for the front door,   remembering to throw in your bikini, suncream, beach towel , hat and that essential bottle of water…Everything you need to go have some fun in the sun Dalyan style!





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