Reasons to buy a home in Turkey

Why Turkey??


Foreigners have been allowed to buy property in Turkey since 2005 and since then the numbers have grown and grown as us Non Turks discover the amazing lifestyle, people and places that Turkey has to offer and decide to make it more than just a one off holiday destination.

So here we thought we would give you our list of reasons we decided to buy a property in Turkey……

  • Property Prices – İn most areas of Turkey, prices are very competitively priced when compared to your home country- you certainly get more for your money than in many European destinations or the Americas for example. Also the buying process is relatively straight forward and clear.banner-beach-chairs
  • The Weather! – The main reason we dream of buying abroad is so that you can enjoy the Summer weather. With Southern Turkeys temperatures hovering between 30-50 degrees in June to October, you are guaranteed to enjoy the clear blue skies and warm sunshine for the majority of the summer
  • Ownership –  There is no lease hold in Turkey, all property is free hold so once you have your title deed (TAPU) then it is yours, no one can take it away from you.
  • Choice – Turkey is the country for all budgets, from massive luxury mansions to small apartments – there is a property for every budget in every area.
  • İncome – Many people buy a property in Turkey with the intention to rent it out to holiday makers or long term renters. The returns available on each property can vary greatly but it is possible to obtain a more than decent return on your investment if managed properly.
  • Cost of living – Compared to many European countries, the cost of living in Turkey is very low. Unless you decided to paint the town every night you can get by on a small amount and still have a good time. The general utilities are much more affordable.
  • tractorTravel – Being only a 4 hour flight from the uk you are only ever a short flight from your foreign home – close enough for a quick hop but far enough to get away. With many Turkish airports being open all year and daily internal flights being very reasonable, you can always get around. İnternally the Turkish transport system is amazing and cheap, you can take a coach from İstanbul to the south coast for around 100tl – it may take 14 hours but you will be fed and watered with many stops along the way and have made many new friends on your journey.
  • The People!!! – The Turkish people are warm, friendly and mischievous with their humor. They love to share their culture, food and music and especially Tea with anyone and everyone. You may not understand the words they are saying but the feeling of being turk-smileswelcomed and included is unmistakable. From the open invitations to weddings to remembering your name after year long absence – Turks have a million ways to make you feel genuinely special. İ dare you to try and go into any shop and escape without at least trying the turkish tea (chai). Neighbors love to share and will often turn up just to say hi. Even in the biggest cities people have time for each other and the ritual of sharing a meal with friends and family is seldom broken.
  • Low Crime rate- İn the smaller towns of Turkey the crime rates are incredibly low. You rarely hear of a pub brawl or worry about walking home at night. No crowds of bored ‘youngsters’ gather on the street corners and worry the local residents. Kids can walk to school and play in the streets with their friends. Children respect their elders and listen to them
  • The outdoor Life – With the nicer climate comes a desire to spend more time ‘at one’ with nature. From the bbq culture to spending family time on the beach. Going for long strolls in the towns and countryside r just messing about in the garden. You will find that much of your life revolves around being outdoors and the pleasure that brings.
  • breakfastThe Food – Turkish life is centered around the joy of food. The growing of it, the  preparation and then eating and enjoying it with friends and family.  There are so many dishes to suit all tastes- from the savory to the sweet, you can always find something that will dance on your taste buds. With fruit and veg so fresh, local honey so rich, cheese so delicious and meat dishes so tender you would think the kilos would pile on- and yet with such good food there are very little added sugars and preservatives that as long as you embrace the outdoor life, you will feel fitter by the day. (Presuming responsible Efes and Raki drinking is adhered to!)
  • The History!  – Turkey is literally dripping in History. The country has areas that can be traced back to the first know human settlers and they have been building and exploring ever since. From Persians to Byzantines, the roman empire to the ottoman empire, every age has left its mark on Turkey which is available for you to explore and enjoy. Turks are very proud of their rich history and will be happy to tell you the local tales, over a Chai of course!
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