what you dream we can build

Build Inspiration

At King Emlak the world is your oyster when it comes to building the home of your dreams which means you can pretty much build whatever you heart desires, below are a few examples of properties we have designed. Working closely with our forward thinking team, progressive & modern architects and dynamic project managers, we will help you design the property that is perfect for you, the home of your dreams.

From apartment blocks to bungalows to private villas you start by finding that perfect plot then we take it from there…

With a start to finish approach, we will plan your build every step of the way and knowing that you won’t always be here to pop round to the building site we will provide you with regular updates & photo documented reports on the progress of the build. From the laying of the foundations, to the walls being built, from the the roof going on, to the garden being landscaped.

Having found that perfectly located plot of land while out here on your summer hols means that you could be ready to move in by the following summer. Building can commence in October with completion by May of the following year!

 Now lets get a little technical…

Now that plot of land is yours it needs be registered in your name – solicitors fees for this will cost between 350-850tl.

We will find the right architect for you, who preferably speaks your language, then the building plans can be drawn up with 3D renders –  cost 2000tl.  – This part of the process can take a while (6 weeks) depending on how clear you are in depicting what you want or whether you decide to give the architect free reign in designing the property. Its a very good idea to actually meet up with the architect to discuss in person your ideas – a least a week here should be allocated for this.

Once the design of the property has been decided upon, a quote for the building costs will be provided.  A time frame for the build will be implemented with any technical specifications to be taken into consideration. At this stage a feed back schedule will also be arranged. Once your happy with the quote given, a contract will be drawn up and Power of Attorney (POA) will be assigned to King Emlak so that we can deal with the local authorities including the council, water & electric, the financial government offices and sub contractors on your behalf for the duration of the build. The approx cost for this at the public notary is 300tl per person.

The architect is then instructed to  draw up full plans of the build which are then submitted for building permission – cost 2500tl. The plans are submitted to the Dalyan council,  if the total internal area of the build is less than 150m/sq, this process can take up to 1 month. If the total internal area of the build is more than the 150m/sq than it is submitted to the Muğla regional government and can take up to 2 months for building permission to be granted.

Once building permission or Yapı Ruhsatı has been granted the building work can commence. When the building is 2 weeks – 1 month from completion we will make an application to the local council for the certificate of habitation or Yapı Kullanma Ruhsatı. This certificate is necessary when selling the property on as it proves that the health & safety requirements have been met in the building of the property.

The final step is for King Emlak to apply on your behalf for the title deed to be changed to include the building now on the original land plot, the cost for this will vary depending on the size of the property.

So yes it really is possible to complete a build between October and May of the following year but you will also need to consider the following:

If building is to commence in October then for a build of 150m/sq or less you will need to decide on a plot of land by the end of  May. And for a build of more than 150m/sq you will need to decide on a plot of land by the end of  March. Please note that for a larger property building plans need to be submitted to Mugla by mid August, the architect design process prior to this takes 6 weeks, so should be started in June. Taking into account the land buying procedure as well then a total of 3 months should be allowed for this part of the process.

% Percentages Building Permission for your Plot

15% , 20%, 30%

There are various land types (refered to by different names) each has its own regulations regarding building. You cannot build on every type of land.

‘Arsa’ is residental or commercial building plots. Regulations vary according to the size and location of the plot.  A small plot in city center = higher building percentage than a similar size plot in a village location, the number of floors you can build can also vary. The whole plot will be given a percentage which will relate to the base size and remaining floor space. See examples below for what you can get for your plot size!

In Dalyan the above principle is adhered too……in the town centre there is 30% building permission, on the outskirts of town there is 20%  building permission and on the boundary land there is 15%.

Current Turkish law dictates that foreigners ‘Yabanciler’ can buy a total of 300, 000 m/sq per plot. So if there is 15% building permission you can build a property of 45,000 m/sq floor space.It is important to be aware that Turkish Law is not static and is always being amended so double check those building permission percentages when looking for that plot!

And then when the building work is complete its all about  making it your own and that is when the fun really begins! But as your not in your own country and may not be familair with the language or the Turkish shopping experience – fear not King Emlak will not abandon you! Our interior design team will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand, we have personal shoppers on hand to furnish and fill your new home as your hearts desire. And if your considering renting we will be happy to help you manage that and help with the cleaning too!